Admission, Promotion and Withdrawal of Students

Terms and Conditions for Admission 2018

1) Application should be completed and submitted between 5th December 2016 and 13th December 2016 through

2) Please save the application number and the payment confirmation e-mail for your future reference.

3) Eligible Age Groups are as below.

Lower Nursery : Age 3 plus by 31.01.2018 (DOB: 2014 Feb 1 to 2015 Jan 31)
Upper Nursery : Age 4 plus by 31.01.2018 (DOB: 2013 Feb 1 to 2014 Jan 31)
Grade One : Age 5 Plus by 31.01.2018 (DOB 2012 Feb 1 to 2013 Jan 31)

4) Applications which are not complied with the requirements will be rejected.

5) The application fee will be Rs. 2300 and will be accepted via Credit Cards (Visa and MasterCard) and Sampath Vishwa upon the completion of this application and will be non-refundable.

6) Interviews will be duly informed via e-mail.

7) Past Pupils will have to download and fill out the PPA Application and hand over to the Registrar, along with the relevant supportive documents, on weekdays between 8am and 1pm, on or before 16th December 2016.

8) If selected, the School Development Fund of Rs.350,000/– paid on admission is Non- Refundable.

9) By submitting the application with your personal details you are certifying that the information given is true to your knowledge and are bounded by the above mentioned terms and conditions.

10) Please note that filling more than one application per child will not be accepted.




Students are normally admitted each year in January on the results of tests held by the school to Nursery and Grade 1.

The admission of a student shall be taken to imply that all persons outside the school who are responsible for her attendance or for the payment of her fees are bound by the rules and regulations in force and such others as may be laid down from time to time by the Board of Trustees.


Promotion from grade to grade depends on the standard of work attained by each student at the end of each year.


Notice of intention to withdraw a student must be given as early as possible-not later than one full-term, in the case of both day scholars and hostellers, in order that timely arrangements may be made to fill such vacancies in the school and in the hostel. In the absence of such notice, a term’s fees will be payable.