The Building Progress of Musaeus College

Along Memory Lane From The Mud Hut Days To The Present Grand Edifice.

[] Building still existing
[] Buildings demolished for reconstruction
1891 [] The mud hut. Mrs. Marie Musaeus Higgins as The Principal with 12 students
1895 [][] The two storeyed building donated by Mr. Wilton Hack.
1906 [] The shrine room, completed in 1914.
1908 [][] Two storeyed building for the Teacher Training College.
1916 [] Silver Jubilee Memorial building – classrooms.
1920 [][] Two storeyed building – dining room & hostel.
1925 [][] Two storeyed building – classrooms, hostels & hall.
1926 Demise of Mrs. Higgins
1927 [] The school hall – Higgins Memorial Hall
1931 [][][] Three storeyed building – Training College Hostel.
In 1961 it converted to the school hostel. Since 1995, the ground floor is being used as a “ Day Care Centre”. Since 2011 the first floor is being used as a “Day Care Centre”
1934 [] Schwarz Memorial Hall. (Higgins Vidyalaya Bldg.Training College Practising School later Musaeus College Nursery since 1961.
1936 [][] Extension of 1925 Bldg. Down stairs, parlour, music room ( two
storeyed building). Upstairs dormitories
1937 [] Col. Henry Steel Olcott Memorial Domestic Science classes, later upper school staff rooms since 1965. (Demolished in 1994 to build the new Science block)
1937 [] Annie Besant Memorial Hall.
1938 [][] Extension of 1925 – 1936 bldg.
1938 [] Primary School Class rooms later used as barracks in the 2nd world war, were demolished in 1962 to build the quadrangle class rooms.
1940 Demise of Mr. Peter de Abrew in 1940
2nd world war period. School buildings were taken over by the government and the school and the training college were temporarily shifted to Gampaha.
1945 Mrs. Sujatha Nimalasooriya was the Principal.Due to World War II , 1941 Golden Jubilee could not be celebrated on due date, but it was celebrated later.
1951 [][] The 2 storeyed Science building with Chemistry, Zoology labs down stairs, Physics and Botany labs upstairs, lecture theatres, and class rooms on both floors.
1952 The school was upgraded to “A” grade from “C” grade. At that time Mrs. Motwani was the Principal.
1954 [][][][] The 4 storeyed building ground floor – pottery & handicraft

1st floor – class rooms (Primary)
2nd floor – class rooms (Primary)
3rd floor – Hall for (Eurythmics and Drill)

Later 2nd floor & 3rd floor were used as dormitories
Now 2nd floor is used as the Computer section

1960 Musaeus Teacher Training College was handed over to the Government. It had been shifted to a 30 acre land in Kalutara, today it functions as the “Pasdunrata Collge of Education”
1961 [][][] 3 storeyed building
ground floor kitchen and store room, dining room
1st floor – Home Science block and Commerce class rooms
2nd floor – Gymnasium
1963 [] Primary school class rooms known as the quadrangle class rooms (about 20 class rooms) single storeyed
(This block was demolished in 1994)
1963 [] Middle school class rooms block (single storeyed thatched with galvanized sheets)
This block was demolished to build the Western Boundary Middle school building in 1985
1966 Musaeus College celebrated the Diamond Jubilee (75 yrs). There was a grand exhibition and a carnival named “Midsummer Fete”. The Principal at that time was Mrs. Dulcie de Silva
1970 [] The Library and Art room (In 1996 it was demolished for the New Library Building)
1971 [] Sewing room & Book shop
(Later this block was demolished in 1995 to erect the New Science Building)
1976 [][][][][][] The 3 storeyed bldg. (Gym Bldg), was further extended to a 6 storeyed building which is the tallest building at present. The 4th floor – Hall for Bana etc.
5th floor – Dancing & Music
1986 [][][] The 3 storeyed Primary school building. Later in 1987 a floor was added

Principal’s Bungalow and sister Sudharma’s quarters were demolished for this building.

1988 [][][][] The 3 storeyed Western block, Middle school class rooms, later in 1996 another storey was added.
1991 [] Principal’s Bungalow at Barnes Place.
1993 The school celebrated the centenary. There was a grand exhibition and a centenary walk. The Principal at that time was Miss C. K. Abayaratna (*The hundred years had been counted from 1893 the year the school was registered)
1993 [][][][] Nursery 4 storeyed Building.
1994 [] Badminton Indoor court.
1995 [][][][] Primary school extension building (west side) ground floor – Book shop, bank, sewing room upper floors – primary class rooms.

“The Historic building to the west of the Shrine room in which Mrs. Higgins spent her last days was demolished in 1994 for this building”

1996 [][][][] New Science Building 4 storeyed “L” shaped.
ground floor – 2 Physics labs – 3 General Science Labs, Chemistry Lab, Vice Principal’s Office
1st floor – Zoology Lab, Chemistry Lab, Class rooms
2nd floor – Botany Lab, Zoology Lab, Class rooms
3rd floor – Auditorium and class rooms
1997 [][][][] Multipurpose Building
2003 [][][][][][] New Administration Building
2011 [][][][][][] Auditorium and Sports Complex