Musaeus College Day Care Facility

(for the students from upper nursery to grade 5)

Musaeus College offers Day Care facilities for its students from Upper Nursery to the Grade 5.

They enjoy exclusive privileges of safety and care.  The following are some benefits offered for our students.

  • The child will be safely accompanied by teachers from the classroom to the daycare center by teachers after school
  • She will have bathing /washing facility at the daycare & assistance will be given, as necessary.
  • Daycare center will provide a healthy lunch with a desert and an evening snack and tea, free of charge.
  • All the food and beverages will be provided by Musaeus College Kitchen (MCK).
  • After lunch the child will take a nap in a safe and compatible space.
  • Library facilities are available for children.
  • Well planned music & elocution classes by experienced teachers, are available for the children to develop their talents & skills.
  • Guiding children to do collective activities/ hand work/sports/homework under well trained staff, maintaining social ethics, keeping safety distance.
  • Your children will be in a secure and healthy environment and our trained staff will be personally responsible until you pick them.
  • Daycare facility will be available even school vacations (apart from one week).
  • Medical facility will be provided through a dedicated nurse on duty.


Parents or guardians could contact or directly meet the management for any clarification.

For further information, please contact