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(41) Kavindya
Fri, 22 February 2013 19:25:06 +0000

Proud to be a MUSAEITE!!

Sri Lanka
(40) Sulakshi Senevirathne
Tue, 1 January 2013 08:59:16 +0000

A salute to our mother Musaeus!!!

Sri Lanka
(39) Rohini Perera
Sat, 6 October 2012 10:27:34 +0000

You add much much more value to my life. Thank you very much for every thing you gave me.It is a pleasure and proud to be a former teacher of Musaeus.I wish you all the best mother Musaeus.

New Zealand
(38) Danushi Bulathsinghe
Mon, 27 August 2012 03:42:19 +0000

please upload some photos from miyasi wasanthaya....

Sri Lanka
(37) Neerosha Sellapperuma
Thu, 2 August 2012 08:00:01 +0000

I left school 20years so. Accidently I accessed to the school website. I am impressed. I loved my school as a student. If I was in SriLanka I would like my daughters to study at Musaeus College. Mrs Dandeniya was the deputy Principal then I had a great opportunity to know her as I was the senior prefect the guidance the teachers my school has given me has stayed with me thou I am miles away from SriLanka what I have learnt I have been able to pass on to my children and community that I live in. I had great opportunities attending the school Where ever I am I feel there is a part of me that belongs to the school. the web site is great. It brings memories of my school days.

Sri Lanka
(36) Prabashvi
Tue, 10 July 2012 11:02:42 +0000

Musaeus is my life, eventhough i get no chances to show off my talents....... But I know alot about my mother musaeus with 12 years of experience! Musaeus is the most coolest place in the whole world which has given me the best memories ever.....Smiles, Cries, hopes.............
Luv ya alma-mater..........You are the best of all!!!!!!!!
Thanks for teaching about our culture, traditions and all other things which you taught me inorder to make me a good citizen!!!I promise you on lighting the world someday and to make you proud!!

Sri Lanka
(35) Ishanka Hewakuruppu
Mon, 25 June 2012 21:53:47 +0000

I love mother musaeus!! Proud to be a MUSAEITE

Sri Lanka
(34) senuri
Sat, 23 June 2012 14:00:10 +0000

It's good to have a website but it's better if it's updated. All the school children should be allowed to sign in and communicate,to know about upcoming things and all. Anyway a good website

Sri Lanka
(33) Vishna
Mon, 18 June 2012 14:12:16 +0000
url  email

cool website.............i was also a musaeite before i left the school when i passed the scholarship exam..but i am still proud about this museaus alma-mater

Sri Lanka
(32) Buddika Tillekeratne
Thu, 31 May 2012 19:08:56 +0000

Every thing about this website is great. The only problem is that its not updated regularly. for an example,
the educational performance still has got 2010 results and this is 2012. May be you should allocate the responsibility to a specific person so that the tasks will be carried out more efficiently.

Sri Lanka
(31) Isuri
Tue, 8 May 2012 16:55:57 +0000

I was a student in this school. I love it so much and I miss it as well....

Hope they would put the year book pictures as well....

(30) chethana
Wed, 25 April 2012 00:10:11 +0000

it z PLEASURE of being a daughter of mother musaeus>>>



Sri Lanka
(29) vinuk
Mon, 16 April 2012 12:59:45 +0000

please we like to hear your school anthem on web site

Sri Lanka
(28) Dulani BandulaHewa
Tue, 7 February 2012 10:28:54 +0000

the best school ever.thank you mother musaeus for making me who i am today.i am so grateful.....we love u mother musaeus...may the noble triple gem bless you!

once a MUSAEITE always a MUSAEITE!


Sri Lanka
(27) kavee
Sun, 29 January 2012 13:13:36 +0000

wowww this is awesome bt its gud if u upload da video of our scl

Sri Lanka
(26) Roshain Wijewardane
Sun, 22 January 2012 21:04:56 +0000

This is the best website out of all the websites of the leading schools of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka
(25) udanee samarasinghe
Sun, 22 January 2012 16:36:45 +0000

i am always proud of my self because i am a daughter of mother musaeus!!! you gave me the courage, strength, and knowledge and everything!! you are the only reason for my success!! long live mother musaeus !! love you forever!!!

Sri Lanka
(24) Dilini Gamage
Fri, 20 January 2012 01:15:32 +0000

It is not updated regularly, and its better if you can upload school song as well. and also I think it would be better if there are seperate links to all those societies and clubs as well. thanks....

United Kingdom
(23) Anuradha Galhena
Fri, 6 January 2012 11:47:34 +0000

Proud to be a Musiate!!!
Love you Mother Musaeus!
May the Blessings of the Triple Gem always be with you Mother Musaeus.

Website is nice.please update more pics....

Sri Lanka
(22) Vishmi Jayawardena
Wed, 21 December 2011 16:03:08 +0000

It's really nice to see the drastic development of the facilities of the school over the last decade.

I wish my school to be the number one in Sri Lanka.

Proud to be a Musaeaite!!!

Sri Lanka