Rules Governing Payment of Fees

(a) The fees for each term are payable in full at the beginning of each term and cannot be accepted for part of a term.

(b) The fees must be paid prior to the first day of the term to which they relate. In the case of bills sent after the beginning of a term, the fees must be paid within 14 days of receipt of the bill.

(c) The obligation to pay in advance for a given term continues notwithstanding the pupil’s absence during that term, unless requisite notice has been given.

(d) Requisite notice shall, in these rules,, mean a whole term’s notice. It should be given in writing to the Manager on or before the first day of the term preceding and should be signed by the parents or guardian responsible for the attendance of the pupil. It should state that the pupil’s place will not be required after the end of that term. If the term’s notice prescribed above is not given, one full-term’s fees should be paid in lieu thereof.

(e) Notice cannot be accepted for part of a term. Although a pupils may be, absent for a part of a term, the fees for that term are payable in full, regardless of what previous notice may have been given.

(f) If, with the written consent of the Manager, a pupil is absent for a whole term or longer and it is desired that a place be kept for her in order that she may return at a future date, the full amount of the fees must be paid in advance for each term, during which a place is to be so reserved. Requisites notice must be given if the place is no longer required. Even on payment of the full fees, a place can be kept reserved only for two terms.

(g) No pupil whose fees are unpaid can be admitted to her classroom.

(h) School fees and Boarding fees are not refundable and no claims for refund will be entertained.