Societies & Clubs


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Musaeus College has about 40 active clubs and societies. These ranges from those related to academic study (e.g. Science Society), to those associated with hobbies (e.g. Photography Club), to those linked with organizations outside College (e.g. St. John’s Ambulance Brigade) and to those catering to the Arts (e.g. Art Circle).

Students are encouraged to take an active part in proceedings of one or more of the following societies and clubs. Most enjoy enthusiastic membership, filling the college calendar with their activities, all year round.

Archives Art Circle
Astronomy Society Buddhist Society
Choir (Western & Eastern) Commerce and Bank Society
Creative Writers’ Club Diabetic Task Force
Drug Preventing Society English Debating Circle
Environmental Society Girl Guides
Healthy School Project Humanitie Society
ICT Society Kitty (St. John’s Ambulance)
Language Circle Literature, Music & Drama Society (Senior & Junior)
Little Friends Media Unit
Mathematics Society(Senior & Junior) Muthuhara Programme
Orchestra Oriental Dance Troupe and Band
Photography Club Quality Circle
Quiz Combine Science Society (Senior & Junior)
Scrabble Club Social Worker’s Club
St. John’s Ambulance Brigade United Nations Club
Welfare Society Western Band (Senior & Junior)
Wild Life Conservation Society Young Entrepreneurs’ Club
Young Inventors’ Club Design Club